3 Easy Tips to Bring out His Best... AT HOME!

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Boys are rambunctious, creative, energetic, and enthusiastic. And on any given day - all that energy can make you crazy! Learning what to focus on and how to bring out his best at home can save you some headaches.How do you deal with it?First, it is crucial that you appreciate his masculinity and create an environment that supports it. He is energetic, he is boisterous, he will find 100 things to do with food he doesn’t like. It’s up to you to change your response to his behavior while creating healthy ways for him to channel all that enthusiasm.

TIP # 1: Enlist Him.

State the problem clearly and neutrally. Then ask him to help find solutions. Boys are creative and innovative and he is likely to come up with something you'd never have thought of!Boys need (and want!) rules. He can relax when there is structure he can count on. He wants to know: who is in charge, what are the rules, and will those rules be fairly enforced.He may 'act tough' to cover up his anxiety or fear and that may look like: running around, making noise or having a melt down. Rules give him confidence.

TIP # 2: Less is More.

The male brain has less places to process verbal language. It takes boys up to 60 seconds to process your verbal directions. Help him out – by talking less.Give him one direction and then give him the time he needs to process and respond.

Tip #3: Outside time.

And lots of it, is crucial for boys to process their feelings and release excess energy. Make sure they have a safe place to play and let them go at it! Offer buckets, water, shovels, and a place of their own. Bales of straw create endless possibilities.Inside time. Give him lots of uncluttered places to play. Give him squeeze balls when he is expected to sit still or listening. Have a mini-trampoline, a chin-up bar, and other ways for him to be energetic inside – that you can live with, too!This Chinese proverb is a great reminder: It is easiest to ride a horse in the direction that it is going. Stop trying to quiet his energy – give him outlets instead. You’ll find you are more relaxed and he is happier, more cooperative, and feels better about himself.If you’re still baffled and want some practical answers to your specific parenting questions, consider Family Coaching with Janet.Like what you read? Be sure to sign up for the BOY TALK monthly Webinar series. We're talking to parenting experts and expert parents about all-things-boys. Save your seat HERE.


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