Doing Too Much for Him?

"Here, let me do that for you...."

Do you wonder if you're making him lazy?

Or...worse yet...entitled?

Do you rush to school when he calls to say he's forgotten his homework?

Do you carry his "stuff" into school for him?

Do you wonder how you ever ended up doing so much for him?! 

We all want our kids to grow up to be capable and responsible for themselves and their things. Yet, we forget that these habits and abilities are instilled at an early age.

We get so busy that we just want to 'hurry up' and so we carry their backpacks, lunch boxes, and musical instruments just to move the show along!

However, a deep need for boys is - to feel they are needed - THEY WANT TO SERVE!

They want to do things for must let him start learning EARLY to serve you and the family.When you create opportunities for him to be of service at home – laundry, dishes, table setting, and feeding the animals - he is learning about his growing abilities to do things.

As with all teaching, it takes patience and repetition to get it right but…The PAY-OFF comes later. When those habits are instilled in him and you can rely on his help with groceries, dishes, laundry etc, you have helped to develop his sense of service and helped him to realize the satisfaction that comes from being of service.

As he grows, you'll be proud and amazed as he chooses his own ways to serve others and to serve his greater community.

That feeling?

That begins now.

Let him carry in your groceries - at any age - and enjoy the shine in his eyes as he helps you!


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