Are You Ready for "The Talk?"

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Yep, "The Sex Talk."

That one.

For many parents, the "talk" can be intimidating, uncomfortable, and downright scary…so, we avoid it and hope for the best!

(I know I did some of that when raising my girls.)

I also knew that I didn't want their friends to be the 'bringers of knowledge' like I had when growing up.

So, embarrassing or not, I knew I had to get comfortable with "THE TALK."

But the thing is - THE TALK isn't just ONE talk.

It starts young, it continues, and … well, it just gets more interesting as time goes on.

I am so excited to introduce you to Amy Lang. She's got this! And she's got your back!

She will help you get comfortable.

I encourage you to hang in there, even when it isn’t.

Stretch yourself, and be open to a new way of talking about the 'birds and the bees.'

Amy Lang is on a mission to help kids grow up to be whole, healthy and happy adults. Amy says, "If you rely on strangers and peers to teach your kids about sexuality they lose out on learning from the person they most want and need to hear from - YOU!

Worse yet, they don't have the information you want them to have about your values and other related topics like love and healthy relationships.

When you know HOW to have the sex talk with your kids - you'll likely lead into talking about many other parts of their lives, too. The birds and the bees can be touchy to talk about - but with a little information, some careful thought and planning - it really is possible to have comfortable, effective talks with your kids!

These talks - they happen many times and they start when your kids are little - are KEY to raising safe, healthy, happy, and well-adjusted kids.

She helps parents of preschoolers to high-schoolers.

She hosts talks on all ages and topics and will help you really dig into exactly what your kids should know at each age, develop scripts, explore your values and practice having these all-important conversations.

Amy guarantees you will be fully prepared to start and continue the sex talks with your kids!

She offers:

• A workshop specifically tailored to the ages of your kids

• Detailed explanation of what kids should know by when

• Tons of time to get just what you need

• Develop your own scripts for talking to your kids• Practice, so you know what to expect

• Clarification of your core sexual values so you can easily share them with your kids

• Confidence, confidence, confidence!

Workshops are two hours long and can be specifically tailored to suit the age of your kids or a specific topic, including sexual abuse prevention, puberty, or the “sexy little girl syndrome.” Just ask Amy!

More to Learn

:Kids are exposed to more sexual information at earlier and earlier ages than ever before and this is impacting their behavior, development and safety.It is imperative that parents, educators, care providers, and social service agents understand what is appropriate and what isn't - and when to worry:

• Children engaging in body exploration play like "playing doctor."

• Girls who booty dance, twerk or otherwise move their bodies in an adult-like way.•

Boys who use crass, explicit language or gestures.

• Children wearing “sexy” or otherwise inappropriate clothing.

• Children who use sexually explicit language or discuss sexual topics that are beyond their years.

• Children who are “gender bending” and show interest in becoming or behaving like their opposite gender.

• Parents who think these behaviors are “cute”, over- or under-react.

Amy trains educators and other care providers in these areas:

The growing problem of over-sexualized childhood is becoming unavoidable and it affects every child, parent, and anyone who works with children. You and your staff can learn the skills and information you need to keep the kids in your care healthy and safe:

• A practical, behavioral checklist that makes it easy to assess a child’s behavior plus other tips for keeping kids safe.

• Why informed children are empowered children and how this information can reduce the incidence of child sexual abuse.

• How anyone can have an appropriate and non-shaming conversation with a child about “playing doctor,” private parts and the birds and the bees.

• Scripts for talking to children and their worried parents.

• Why this information will keep you and your staff safer from unjust accusations.Amy is a wealth of knowledge and brings it in a way that is playful and comfortable. Find her at


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