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Guest author Michelle Ghilotti of Michelle Ghilotti, International shares her thoughts on having a happy life, so you can RAISE happiness, too. Michelle and I have known each other for years and I'm so happy to introduce you to her and her empowering work.

From Michelle:

If you're a mom, entrepreneur, writer, artist, creator or human, read on…

Everyday leadership.

Creativity is all about moving from problem to solution ~ and more quickly each time ~ so we may express more of who we truly are and *have* within .In fact, everyday leadership and creativity are *both* about that; expressing who we know ourselves to be on a daily basis regardless if "everyone" likes it, if Facebook is used *for* it or if it's what is en vogue with family or your industry…Leadership and creativity don't care about any of that.

They care that you're interested, really flipping interested in what you're saying, doing and showing, not at all if you're interestING.

It cares not at ALL that you're interesting.

Everyday leadership is about creating what we want to be a part of, and all regardless of what life, work, motherhood, romance or health, like that loyal feline, has brought to your doorstep to play with lately.

It's about being a part of things such as resilience, authentic elegance, understanding, community, empathy, love and the simplest of joys…Though we forget sometimes that evolution bred creativity (and all things like it) into all of humanity, we're all creative heroines. We are each leaders, leading not from the front lines necessarily, but from within, especially from within.

A Creative Heroine and Loving Leader leads from the unique light that burns and burns like the midnight oil. The Light, who knows that being broken open, and sometimes over and over again, is exactly where her greatest talents comes from.

We do all of this, we move from problem to solution, exercise our creativity and lead by doing one thing over and over again: loving ourselves.

We find ways, strategies, "tools", we sometimes call them, mantras, bathtubs, gratitude practices, walks, love, runs, mediation, yoga, music and poetry more every day, maybe, so we're able to waltz to the other side of us with agility, grace.

Pain is human but suffering is optional.

I understand it more now than ever.

And when I forget, I mantra, bathtub, practice gratitude, walk, love someone hard, run, meditate, yoga, play music, read or write poetry, some more.

Leaders, similar to the creative inside you, don't don't dwell, they decide.

Creators, like leaders, don't dance around the subject, they jump straight inside it, so they can more quickly swim out from under it. They keep moving forward because that's what they keep realizing life is about ~ being part of the solution and not the problem.

You are a Creative Heroine and you will continue to create in life what you want to be a part of. It's empowering and true. Feels good to hear, I hope. Each day is a clean slate to set into motion what you want and want to be known for and a part of, to expand, to be set free…

Paige Bradley, a sculptor I adore, does some of the most gorgeous work I've ever seen and felt. One of her pieces called Expansion shares who I believe the Creative Heroine is and of what letting the light within lead looks like. Of problem to soulful solution. Of you.

When you lay your head down tonight think of this ~> of the creativity and ability you have to lead your life (and in the process, without even really trying, helping many others do the same).

Think of all that your light represents.

Ask yourself, if I hadn't experienced this, felt that or loved him/ her, would I be able to illuminate or decorate my life in the same way that I'm able to today?



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