4 Tips to Your Yes

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Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 5.25.24 PM

Guest author Michelle Ghilotti of Michelle Ghilotti, International shares her thoughts on having a happy life, so you can RAISE happiness, too. Michelle and I have known each other for years and I'm so happy to introduce you to her and her empowering work.

Michelle shares:


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Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 5.22.45 PM

Ode to you, Creative Heroine…

As a creative woman, I know you want the yes you give in life and business to be an oaky, full-bodied YES.

In fact, you live for the oaky, full-bodied YES. (me too)

As my book How to Be a Walking Momtra says:

"Focus on your happiness so you can RAISE happiness."

Life ticks in a beautiful way if we give the full-bodied YES to Self first.

Throughout the last 14 years in business for myself as well as the last 9.5 years as a mother, giving from this "overflow" is where my greatest happiness and success have come from (sure, there are other contributing factors to happiness and success, however, in keeping myself full or "filled up", I've primed my internal environment to be able to give to the degree I lo-hove to give to others)

.It's this generosity of spirit that has grown my brand and contributed greatly to the equilibrium in my family life.

In short, we are able to contribute to the joy and success of others in a greater way by making sure our cups runneth over…

Personally, I can be a better Mom, Branding and Success Coach (to name just a couple of my titles) by being more in tune with what my body, mind and spirit need to be able to give and give greatly.

When we give to Self first, things feel different, work better and the quality of how we perceive EVERYTHING softens and is enriched. Everything falls into place.

When we give from the overflowing cup vs. the cup desperate and thirsty for a few drops of tea or water, we are able to affect our brands, businesses, children and other important relationships in a way that truly stretches everyone's happiness.

Everyone wins when you win.

It's worth a more consistent try, well, let's call it a more consistent DO.

How to Give the Oaky, Full-Bodied YES to Self First

1. Make it a must. Make YOU a must.

2. Make this your mantra: I focus on my happiness so I can RAISE happiness (in my family, community and world). Repeat this at least 3x every morning or when you most need it.

3. Clear your weekly calendar of the people or projects that are depleting you. Find that space, that clearing, for what you truly need and love.

4. Start doing the things each week and specifically each morning that truly fill you (you and only you). How we start our day and our week is likely how we end it, so start by diving deeper into you first thing: take the hike, hit that early morning yoga class or do that 10 minutes of meditation. And, if the early morning hours prove to be too difficult, no problem, no need to go into overwhelm.

Create time for you each day during the block that serves your life (the important thing is that it happens).

How will you savor life (and give to Self) each and every day?

What will those ten minutes or hour be filled with?

To your week of the oaky, full-bodied YES. Cheers.

Life is good, Michelle.


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