Eulogy for Mom 2





Kansas, May 7, 2016 - Another step in the journey, as we inter my Mom's ashes.

If these words give you a measure of comfort, I'm grateful for that.

"Here we are, Mom, letting go again. It’s familiar somehow .

Each letting go has had its own measure of difficulty.

Each letting go challenged us to stay steady, dig deep, and carry on.

Each letting go allowed me to be with you in a whole new way.

From letting go of you, Mom, and our sewing, cooking and many conversations...I gained you, Mom, in a whole new way of being together.

We laughed, we sang silly songs, we sat and watched the evening sky - holding hands and saying all that needed to be said -From my heart to yours, And back again.

Letting go of those precious days has led to THIS day - letting go of your physical body now.

It feels so right that you are here in Kansas, in the middle of the country, which now becomes the center p ole of our world.

As each of us travels our own journey, the constant is  - our hearts filled with your pure love and each with a heart string tied to this place.


.I love you, Mom, so much.

Rest now."


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