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reading boys best book

reading boys best book

Talking about Kids and Staying Home Alone with Rebecca and Steve on KXL101 Morning News:School ends soon. That means kids will be home, families will be traveling… How do you know if your child is old enough to stay home alone or travel alone this summer?Is it okay to leave your child home alone?Oregon is one of only 3 states that have laws about children staying home alone. No younger than 10 years old in my state.Most importantly, however, is that you know what your child is capable of. How would he respond in an emergency? Does he know the steps to take? Do you have neighbors that live close by? Most importantly, is he comfortable being at home alone?How old is old enough to babysit?Great preparation for babysitting is to begin as a mother's helper. Take a babysitting class. Ages 12 to 14 are good years to begin babysitting. Boys need older boys as babysitters. Again, this depends on your child's interest level and maturity.How old is old enough to travel by bus and plane alone?Southwest Airlines says children 5 to 11 years old can travel nationwide (but not internationally) as unaccompanied minors. However, many limitations apply. Check the airline you'll be traveling.Greyhound Bus Lines allow unaccompanied minors age 8-14 years old to travel alone. Again, many limitations apply. Be sure to check with the carrier.At what age is it okay to take public transportation by oneself?A controversial topic! It is important to determine whether your child is capable of handling changes in schedules and routes and be comfortable with unexpected passenger interactions. My personal opinion: 12 years old.You are the one who knows your child best. If you are feeling uncertain (or over-protective), check in with someone else who knows your child well. Your child will also lead you - insisting on babysitting or staying home alone. Listen and then use your best judgement. Start with short routes, one hour stays, and build from there.

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