Keeping Their Art & Papers

Are you FLOODED with paper, art projects, cute little drawings and notes from your kids??

My kids are 33 and 30 - and their art work, school papers, reports and countless projects are STILL stored in the attic.

Maybe we'll pull the boxes and bins out when they have kids of their own.

But, right now, they are off traveling the world (Cuba, Nepal, Cayman Islands, UK & Scotland)...they really could care less about their artwork and school papers!

Not me... I'm a sentimental mom.

I couldn't bear to throw much away then -- and I certainly can't do it now.

Enter KEEPY.  (#keepythat)

SOMEONE had to think of this!

It's the perfect way to keep all those memories - and even create some video and audio to go with...Pretty cool!

And you're not the only one who will be digitizing and storing your kids artwork - the Metropolitan Museum of Art just digitized their entire catalog of 375,000 images (I doubt you'll have that many...but you might!).

And bravo Met - they're sharing the images for free!

Back to your own Art Museum....

Capture the paintings, drawings, scribbles on the walls, and 3-dimensional art, too.  You can capture those fleeting moments - the bubble bath sculptures, the finger painted bodies, the food sculptures. After a quick app set-up, you'll have a "box" for each child and the app even keeps track of how old they were when they created their art.  

Notice Lily's work at age 5 and age 4, etc.

Being able to add a note or video is an added bonus

!Keepy is an app that enables you to digitally store and organize all those special memories in one spot forever. Simply head here, create a profile for each of your kiddos and then add their drawings, photos, videos, awards, and/or mementos as often as you’d like.

You can also privately share each memory with family and friends.

Another cool feature of Keepy is that you can create high resolution photo books and gifts right from the app - gifts have never been easier!

Keepy is available to download for free in the App Store, Google Play, and is also available for Kindle Fire. You can save up to 5 videos or photos per month for free. But if you'd prefer unlimited storage, the subscription is only $9.99/year - much cheaper than buying another plastic bin to store all those precious mementoes!

Just wanted to share that with you - haven't seen anything like it before. #keepythat


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