My Boy Can Dance - ON BOYS Parenting Podcast

We'd like to think we've moved on from the boy stereotypes and the fact that girls can wear pink and like ballerinas and mermaids and boys can't.


It’s changing and “social revolutionists” like Sassy Harvey is changing that mindset that boys can't like pink and boys can't dance, or like mermaids or barbie dolls.

Sassy has a son who doesn't conform to the male gender himself in terms of what his favorite things, which is fine.

But what she found is within her community, was negativity towards him - and he’s only four.

So Sassy decided to do something to support him and see who else is out there experiencing the same thing. She started a FB page, mostly to moan but was quickly surprised at how many parents reached out to say their sons are facing the same issues.

The big question everyone has is: what can we do?

So often if one boy parent is going through something, there are other out there, too. And that’s where the power is found. That’s how we can finally start making change — when we stop keeping all of this inside of ourselves and our homes as a problem to be solved and start connecting with others and say, “Hey, if this is happening to all of us, maybe the problem isn't my kid or my family.”

Listen to the rest of the ON BOYS interview with Sassy and her how she’s gathered her community to support boys in dance…and continues the #myboycan movement across the world!

What can your boy do?

Find Sassy and the #myboycan movement right here.