Parenting is hard

From the news desk at KXL 101, Rebecca and Steve chat with me ~ aka "parenting expert":"Is it okay to admit parenting is HARD sometimes?"I say, YES!Saying YES takes the pressure off and makes parenting more realistic.We may never be so challenged or changed as we are the moment we know we are becoming parents or the moment we actually gaze into our child's eyes for the first time.  There is overwhelm and fear along with the overwhelming love.It is also the most satisfying, beautiful, amazing adventure we will have in life."What do you tell moms who are being hard on themselves when trying to balance work, parenting, school, sports and activities?"There is so much going on and that is hard, too!FIND OTHERS.  Don't go this alone.When you start talking to others - and you're really honest - you'll find they think it is hard, too.  We all may feel like we're failing most of the time.  When we share how hard it is, we soon recognize how much we're doing well - even without sleep, without privacy, without time!"Is there a formula or a check list?"No.But someone told me long ago:  "There is no way to be a perfect parent - but a million ways to be a good one."  Even when it feels so hard.And as Rebecca was told by a friend, "Take off the cape!"And ENJOY this parenting adventure!P.S. Others are on this band-wagon, too.  See the Plum Organics Parents Unfiltered ad campaign for some great shots of diaper-sniffing, bathroom-hiding, fish-flushing parenting!

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