Pot is Legal (in Oregon)

What will you tell your kids?

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Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 8.03.25 AM

Talking with Rebecca and Steve on KXL101:Rebecca: Every family is different----some will smoke pot ---some won't------but when it comes to TALKING about it---GENERALLY---how should we handle this?Talking to your KidsThe conversation about pot becomes part of the same larger conversation you are having with your children about alcohol and cigarettes - and living a healthy lifestyle with good food and exercise. You are having those conversations, aren't you?Young children, up to about age 10 or 11, see things like this in mostly black and white terms. "You don't drink, you don't smoke."Things get a little cloudier in the teen years as they start to question their own values and look around to see adults using (and perhaps abusing) these substances. There becomes much gray area that you will need to help your child navigate.WarningsFirst and foremost, even in pot-legal states, it is still illegal for anyone under 21 with all of the legal consequences.Pot can negatively effect the rapidly developing brains of youth and young adults.Research has shown that if parents are users there is a greater chance that their kids will give it a try, too.Some basic facts about marijuana from Children's Hospital Colorado:

  • Marijuana can affect the brain, particularly the vulnerable, developing brain.

  • Marijuana can affect learning, memory and sleep patterns. It can contribute to an increase in depression, anxiety, panic, and paranoia over time, and there is evidence that marijuana can permanently decrease IQ.

  • Marijuana is addictive and with chronic use, can cause withdrawal symptoms.

  • One can injure his or herself when using marijuana, especially in excess.

  • Marijuana use can affect a person’s ability to effectively deal with emotions.

  • It is possible that marijuana may help with certain medical conditions, although we need much more research on this topic to fully understand the link. When talking about medical marijuana, say something like, “It is prescribed for a specific purpose, for a certain period of time.”

Second-hand smoke has been proven to be harmful with cigarettes and so it also something to be concerned about if you choose to smoke in your home. Remember that DHS will view pot-smoking the same as alcohol - if it affects your parenting you could be at risk of losing your kids.At the End of the Day...It is essential that you know how you feel about pot. That you and your parenting partner have agreed on what you will tell your kids. And that your family values uphold your stance.*Photo credit: www.picturespider.com


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