Teen Drivers

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Spring is in the air and many 15 year olds are just itching to get behind the wheel!

While they may act like they know what they’re doing (after all – many of them have been ‘driving cars’ in video games for years!)…it is time for reality to meet the road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently posted a study saying that teens really do listen to what you say – which can offer you some encouragement…BUT more importantly, realize that they’ve been watching you drive for YEARS and learning from your driving style and habits.

So if you’ve got young kids its time to assess what you’re teaching them through osmosis every time you climb into your mini-van.

Talking about safety and rules from a young age is imperative before they are ready to get behind the wheel. Make sure your teen is clear on your rules and the consequences for breaking them.

Teaching your teen to drive may not be the most relaxing thing you’ve ever done. If you aren’t comfortable practicing with your teen find someone who is.

Start slow – 10 mph in a parking lot is just fine.

Most important lesson going in?

Be sure they know that when you say, “Brake!” that they know just what to do!

Driver’s Ed courses are held at Portland Public Schools but registration is through Portland Community College and tuition is $295 plus $5 in fees. Cost reduction is offered for students on SNAP with an official letter from the school.www.pcc.edu/drive to register.


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