When You Don't Like Your Child

First of all, you're human.You're probably a tired human that hasn't been taking care of yourself.You've probably been focusing more on your child's behavior than on your child's being.Perfectly normal, natural, and hugely common.Now, that said, go easy on yourself.  Here's some reassurance and some tips -Talking with Steve and Rebecca today on KXL 101...Is it normal? Is it okay? We love them unconditionally but we don't always like our kids.You may have a whiny kid, an aggressive kid, or a teenage giving you the 'stink eye.'

"When you change how you look at this behavior, the behavior begins to change."

Stop focusing on the behavior that is driving you crazy - easier said than done, I know.  You can do this by beginning to focus on the positive.  What is the one teeny, tiny little thing he does that IS positive?Start to grow this - even if it is only in your mind.TELL SOMEONE - call grandma, a girlfriend, whomever -- and tell them the one positive from your day. This will amplify that behavior and begin to push the negative "I don't like you" behavior into the background.GET HELP - no one is expected to parent alone, sometimes you've got to "call in the troops" and give yourself a break.  Then get yourself some help. Parenting coaches are adept at guiding you through these waves.SELF-CARE - always, in every parenting advice column, you'll find self-care.  You just have to.  No one will do it for you.  YOU have to take care of YOU.  When will you start?IT WILL PASS - like clouds in the sky, many behaviors will pass as your child grows and changes.If you are in a rut of not liking your child, it's okay.  Recognize it.  Normalize it.  Then take proactive steps.  Reach out to me, I'm a parenting coach and I can help.  Find out more here: http://boysalive.com/coaching/  I'm offering introductory sessions for a limited time.

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