How Your Words Matter

One Twist Can Change Your Day from Lousy to Lovely



You’ve probably heard this famous quote by Gandhi:"Your thoughts become your words,Your words become your actions,Your actions become your habits,Your habits become your values,Your values become your destiny.Okay, sure, but what word(s)? When? HOW??Trust me, it’s easy.It starts with changing one word.I’ll give you multiple examples but oh-you-over-achiever – pick only one! ONE. One to begin with, get it securely embedded as a habit (which takes 21 days), and then pick ONE more.The only other rule: Say each example sentence OUT LOUD.Here goes:1. This/ThatBy turning this into that you distance yourself from any problem. It takes the burning heat out of an issue so you can think and communicate clearly.“I have a problem with this.”Now change it to: “I have a problem with that.”2. Should/CouldWhen a should becomes a could, you give yourself permission to do the task – only this time with your own free will, allowing the task to become joy filled!“I should clean the house now.”Now change it to: “I could clean the house now.”Added bonus, try this one for a real sense of freedom and joy!:“I GET TO clean the house now!”3. Always/NeverThese ‘qualifiers’ usually limit our experience to the not-so-positive. They tend to beat us up. Yet when we put always/never into the past we open up new choices for the future.“I always forget my grocery bags.”Now change it to: “I used to forget my grocery bags.”“I never remember her phone number.”Now change it to: “I sometimes forget her number.”The power of Always/Never can, however, be used for good not evil...“She always finds her way.”“He never makes mistakes he can’t recover from.”A twist of a word, a turn of a phrase, and you’re on your way to changing your own thoughts and beliefs about yourself...and, imagine what this will do for your children!Choose one, see how often you can use it. You will see how your words matter to yourself and to your children.(Warning: Don’t be surprised if you start hearing your children twist their words and turn their phrases, too!)


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