These recommendations come directly from the Boys Alive! parents who are going to the library, borrowing books from friends, and buying books at their local bookstore (or Amazon).

I hope you’ll make some new discoveries to share with your boys from these recommendations. Don’t forget the tried and true classics, too.

These are time-tested treasures - boy approved.

I WISH I could tell you that I’ve read every single one - and maybe some day I will. Meanwhile, let’s rely on the boys themselves. Boys love adventure, and they love books that come in a series, as you’ll see below.

Boys also love to be read aloud to! However, they may want to move their bodies or do something with their hands while you’re reading. Don’t worry, they’re still listening. Keep reading aloud even as they move into tween and teen years, a great way to stay connected.

You can find my recommendations for PARENTING Books here.

(Note that some of the books linked below may be affiliate links.)



0-5 years

Dog Wants to Play: When? Today! But no one will play with Dog. by Christine McDonnell

Pete the Cat: I love my white shoes. Series by James Dean

Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot: A little mouse with a big problem. Series by Dav Pilkey

Hop on Pop: Include many of these classics as he learns to read! by Dr. Seuss

The World According to Humphrey: Everyone’s favorite classroom pet. Series by Betty Birney

6-8 years

The Magic Misfits: There’s plenty of tricks! Series by Neil Patrick Harris

The Dragon Masters: 8 year-old taken to castle to be trained as a dragon master. Series by Tracey West

Ramona Quimby, Age 8: Being 8 isn’t easy but it’s never dull! Classic Series by Beverly Cleary

My First Atlas of the World: Maps, photos, charts, and more in this non-fiction by National Geographic

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon: Minle sets off on a journey to meet the Man in the Moon by Grace Lin

9-11 years

Wings of Fire: The Dragonet Prophecy. Seven dragons locked in an endless battle over lost treasure by Tui T. Sutherland

I Survived Series: The Titanic, grizzly bears, Pompeii - you get the idea by Lauren Tarshis

The Higher Institute of Villainous Education: Orphan Otto plans to trick the most powerful man in the country by Mark Walden

Bone Series: An unlikely hero who must save an idyllic valley from the forces of evil. Series by Jeff Smith

Treasure Island: Be sure to get an edition with the original images by Robert Louis Stevenson

12 & beyond

Oathbringer: Third in the Words of Radiance series by Brandon Sanderson

Redwall: Where legends are made. My girls LOVED this book, too! Series by Brian Jacques

Hatchet: Award-winning survival story. Series by Gary Paulsen