We started working with Janet and immediately felt hopeful. Janet is nothing short of amazing. If you want to have a deep, meaningful relationship with your boy for years to come, work with her. I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done to help our family dynamic.
— J and C, Portland OR

Parenting isn’t supposed to be this hard 


If out-of-control chaos is your ‘new normal’, if you’re overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel—it’s time to get you back to feeling calm, confident, and in charge.

Family Coaching is an investment in your future, your son’s future, the peace and calm of your happy household, and the future of your family. You want your family to have the reservoirs of strength and connection that can keep you connected through all the bumps life has to offer.


Does this sound

  • “He sneaks screen time. How do I regain some control?”

  • “He always seems angry. I’m afraid of him now that he is bigger and stronger than me.”

  • “Am I breaking his spirit? I want to give him firm boundaries but I’m afraid of alienating him.”

  • “I’m struggling to find a sane routine for our family. Kids are so busy, how do we all sit down to a meal together?”

  • “My son has been ‘picked apart’ at school assessments and by his teachers. In my heart I know these things are untrue. How do I advocate for him?”

  • “We are getting a divorce. How do I, as a mom, best guide my son through these next few months (and years)?”


You are not alone! you can get back to good!

1-Month (4) Sessions: $997.


Here’s what is possible for you to achieve in four sessions:

INVESTIGATE—We begin by getting to know you and your family. Then we’ll peel back the layers on the issues that are causing problems. We’ll examine your priorities and family values. We’ll focus on the few changes that will make the biggest impact and endure through time.

INTEGRATE—We’ll break down your seemingly-overwhelming problems into bite-sized pieces. Drawing on my years as an educator, communication skills expert, and knowledge of raising boys, we’ll formulate a plan of action custom-made for your unique circumstances. You’ll have a clear plan of action to address and resolve the issues at hand.

INTENSITY—Typically when you reach the third session, you may feel the intensity—and resistance—that changing your family dynamics can bring. That’s okay. It is a natural part of the process. We’ll make the needed adjustments as you continue practicing your new skills.

IMPLEMENT—Putting it all together means your confusion and overwhelm decrease as your confidence and patience increase. You’ll have clear steps to follow. Practice is key. I’ll make sure you are 100% prepared and all of your questions are addressed.

Ongoing Support: You have complete access to me via email to answer your questions and celebrate your successes for the duration of your sessions. You’ll have the support of thousands of parents and teachers in the Boys Alive! private Facebook group, too. Ask to join here.


One-month (4) sessions are for you if you’re tired of feeling like you’re failing at the most important job of your life, it’s time to get back to confidence and ease—back to the parent you are meant to be!

With a specific-to-you, step-by-step implementation plan (including strategies, language, and timelines) you will be ready to reap the benefits of a more-confident-you!

Ready to love being a parent again?



Wondering How Family Coaching workS?

Janet draws on her years as an educator, parent, and communication-skills expert to help you spot patterns and habits that keep repeating—the ones that are keeping you in that same ‘stuck’ place that gets so frustrating.

She knows that when you make small changes in one area, bigger changes in areas that may surprise you become the norm.

You’ll experience a shift so global that you see the dynamics of your entire family change for the better—right away and on into the future.

The skills you learn become habits and that helps you when new issues crop up so you can meet them head-on rather than feeling swamped by them again.

Don’t worry—you are not alone!
Boys Alive! is here to help

I am a single mother with a 10 year-old boy. When I hired Janet, the school was doing a psychological intervention and parenting alone felt unmanageable and chaotic. I had constant anxiety that I was doing everything wrong, scared I was hurting my son when all I wanted was to help him. Working with Janet has given me the support and tools I need to restore calm to my life and to my son’s life. Using her simple suggestions helped immensely. My son and I are now communicating effectively. Kids really don’t come with an instruction manual, so thank God for Janet and Family Coaching.
— M.W. Portland, OR