I will never pretend my son is without flaws but I will do my best to equip him to navigate through life—thankful for your guidance!
— Stephanie B., Mom of 9-year old Adam, Portland, OR

Single Session Intensive

For when you need an answer on a single topic—right away.


Does this sound

  • I’m just not sure whether he is ready for first grade?

  • Why does it seem like HE is running the show?

  • So many ‘screens’—how do I set rules that work for ALL of us?

  • So many activities! He says he loves them all but how much is too much?

  • His teacher wants him tested for ADHD but it doesn’t feel right to me.


Get to the SOLUTION in a Single Session Intensive

This is called an “intensive” session for a reason!

We’ll work quickly to understand your circumstances and address any underlying factors. Janet will provide several practical solutions and support you as you implement them.

In our intensive 90-minute session, you’ll get all the expertise I bring to my long-term clients applied to your single ‘hot-button’ issue.

(Like many parents, after your Single Session Intensive with me, you may find that your original question was only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ and you want more—more support, more strategies, and more follow-through—then choose the 1-month (4 sessions) Package.  Returning clients enjoy a discount.)


Get your single most pressing question answered:

Beginning: Using specific questions, I’ll gather pertinent facts and opinions, clarify circumstances, and help you decide on your desired outcome for the session.

Middle: With a plan of action designed for your unique circumstances, you’ll begin to apply your chosen tools and strategies and begin to see how these begin to shift old patterns and move you towards new resolution.

Wrap-Up: With new resolve and insights, get ready to feel new confidence and clarity. We’ll explore any lingering questions or doubts you may have. You are ready to implement!

Ongoing Support: You’ll have email access to me for 4 weeks after each Single Session Intensive. This allows you to ask clarifying questions, enlist feedback, and, of course, celebrate your success, too!


If you’ve spun your wheels on this single question for too long – get it resolved and move on!

Let’s get you back to feeling like the successful, confident parent you were always meant to be!
Family Coaching—Single Session Intensive: $397.


If you are ready for even more forward momentum—consider the 1-month (4 sessions) Package. If you’re looking for a powerful community of boy parents—consider the Community Coaching program.


Wondering How Family Coaching workS?

Janet draws on her years as an educator, parent, and communication-skills expert to help you spot patterns and habits that keep repeating—the ones that are keeping you in that same ‘stuck’ place that gets so frustrating.

She knows that when you make small changes in one area, bigger changes in areas that may surprise you become the norm.

You’ll experience a shift so global that you see the dynamics of your entire family change for the better—right away and on into the future.

The skills you learn become habits and that helps you when new issues crop up so you can meet them head-on rather than feeling swamped by them again.

Don’t worry—you are not alone!
Boys Alive! is here to help.

Janet has been a lifesaver for our family. After we heard her speak about the specific development of boys, we adjusted the way we spoke to our sons. We quickly felt a significant shift for the better in our family dynamic. Since then we’ve relied on Janet’s advice in coaching and are always amazed at how timeless and helpful it is. For anyone struggling with the on-going process of parenting (boys and girls), Janet’s wisdom is invaluable. She continues to help us as we create a healthier family and a happier home.
— Janis P., Mom of twin boys, Portland, Oregon