Sometimes I can’t stand that much energy.
— Dad of a 6 year-old boy

Talks for Parents


Raising boys requires up-to-date knowledge, constant vigilance, a willingness to learn new skills…and a good dose of humor!

I know you want to be the best parent you can be for him.

My talks are designed to give you the skills, practical knowledge, and fundamental understanding of boys that allows you to relax and enjoy him while also setting and keeping boundaries.


Does this sound

  • “He’s gotten so much more active and aggressive (think sticks and guns). What happened to my ‘sweet little boy’?”

  • “He doesn’t talk about his feelings. How can I help him to open up and talk to me?”

  • “If his dad isn’t around, how do I make sure he gets plenty of positive male influences in his life and when do I need to start?”

  • “He seems to want to spend more time with screens than with me or his friends – should I be worried?”

  • “He says he wants to be kind but he is so rough with his siblings and his friends. Why does he push every boundary to the absolute limit?”


A Boys Alive! Talk will help you understand:

  • Why he is so active—all the time!

  • Why he can’t always talk about his feelings—and how to help him open up.

  • How he relates to you, to his dad, and to his friends—in very different ways.

  • Whether his development is on track—or if he needs extra support.

  • Why he is SO different from his sister—and other girls you know.



Get ready to support his success in school, too.

I am committed to advocating for his SCHOOL success, too.

Whether you are dreaming of the first day of preschool or dreading his launch into college, join me to learn more about your boy—how he learns, thinks, and makes friends.

Learn how you can build a strong foundation at home to support his school success and how your advocacy for him is a crucial aspect of that on-going success.

Understand the science behind how boys learn and understand, along with the day-to-day practical strategies that will support him.


Does this sound

  • “He started out being so excited about school, why does he resist going now?”

  • “How do I know if he is really ready to start first grade?”

  • “I don’t think his teacher actually likes boys—how can I help him “fit in” at school?”

  • “He doesn’t seem interested in talking with us about school or his friends—what’s going on?”

  • “He finishes his work but loses it or doesn’t turn it in—how can I help him be more organized?”


A Boys Alive! talk will help you understand:

  • Why he struggles to sit still in school—and what you can do to help him.

  • Why he doesn’t want to talk about his day—and how to set the stage so he will want to share.

  • Which subject areas he is most likely to struggle with—and how to help him.

  • How to help him cope with anger, social dynamics—and the unrealistic expectations of some teachers.

  • What you must do at home to help him be successful in school—every single day.

What a wonderful difference you made in the lives of those attending your talk this morning…no telling how many boys lives will be changed because of what you have shared!
— Angela Colton, Executive Director, The Woodlands Children’s Museum, The Woodlands, TX