Presentation Skills Training


“There are always three speeches for every one you actually give. The one you practice, the one you give, and the one you wish you’d given.”

- Dale Carnegie


Coaching and Skills Development

Are you eager to increase your effectiveness in writing and delivering compelling presentations?

Do you wish you could deliver your heart-felt message with ease and confidence?

Individual Presentation Skills Coaching and Team Trainings enable you to build on the experience and strengths you already have. Then focus is targeted to the areas that are ready for improvement.

From developing a presentation that considers the audience and their learning styles - to delivering a memorable message that is effective and congruent - you will have new tools that you can begin using not only in every speech but in every interaction.

Every individual coaching series or team training includes:


1. Understand Yourself as a Presenter

Learning what qualities to amplify and what habits to let go of helps you create your own dynamic speaking style. This creates comfort and ease because you are presenting as YOU - not like anyone else.

Increasing awareness of what your body language is communicating, developing your confident speaking voice and learning the strategies to tame your jitters -allows you to express ideas eloquently and effectively - and have fun doing it!


2. Tailor to your Audience

Understanding your audience is a key component of giving an outstanding presentation - and one that is often overlooked.

When you thoroughly understand your audience, you can prepare for and connect with them in the way that makes your message memorable and your rapport with them indelible.

Understanding learning styles, gender-intelligence, and group dynamics enables presenters to reach their audience on multiple levels.


3. Prepare a

Compelling Message

Deciding on your outcome is the first step towards crafting the message you want your audience to hear.

Using a step-by-step presentation design process, you’ll learn how to write effective openings and closings, and use metaphors and sequencing.

Understanding how to use your presentation space is the final component to designing compelling presentations that are cohesive, relevant, and engaging - and easy for you to remember without notes!

You’ll also learn that practice allows you to know your message so well that you can relax and deliver it with ease!

Janet Allison is a certified Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Understanding what we do, how we do it, and ways to improve both are integral to my work with professionals, teachers, and parents.

For over 20 years, I have been speaking to audiences large and small as the Founder of Boys Alive! and an advocate for children.

I teach you to incorporate an understanding of male/female brain differences and gendered communication styles, making you an even more effective speaker. You benefit from my extensive experience in designing and delivering speeches and workshops. I believe everyone can be empowered and inspired speakers.

Contact me to discuss your individual coaching or team training needs.