Boys Alive! Bring Out Their Best by Janet Allison

Boys Alive! Bring Out Their Best by Janet Allison


This practical, easy-to-follow guide invites parents and teachers to become active participants in understanding and communicating with their boys.

The actions of your boy and your “re-action” to him now are building the very bedrock of who he will be as a man.

This book is your personal guide to refreshing and renewing your connection to YOURSELF as a person and parent - only then can you be the parent your son deserves you to be.

With my questions and your answers, you will map out the journey that you must be aware of if you are to parent this boy, your boy, the way you want him to grow.

Without the destination in mind, your journey can be way more difficult and convoluted than it needs to be.


You’ll look at the past.

You’ll look at the future.

You’ll look at those current situations that may be driving you crazy.

You will learn strategies:

  • To get him to listen

  • To gain his cooperation

  • To connect with him deeply

Additionally, you will discover:

  • Parenting techniques for immediate use

  • Classroom and teaching strategies

  • Effective communication tools

  • Observation and journal exercises to help you along the way

Order your copy today and take the first step to better understanding your boy.

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