Parenting Boys: from Constant Frustration to Lasting Connection

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Parenting boys isn’t easy, especially now.

From navigating the mixed messages of what is it to be a man; endlessly negotiating screen time; and navigating friends, school, and over-the-top emotions - parenting with confidence often feels like a losing battle!

It’s even harder when you consider the overwhelm, frustration and uncertainty that each new developmental stage adds to the mix.

There is a solution, though - and it starts with you.

When you know how boys naturally think, feel, and relate to you - then you’ll be able to speak in a way that HE understands.

You know your son best and by learning his unique “boy-language,” your opportunities to connect with him deeply increase daily. With some surprisingly simple strategies, you’ll have the confidence, flexibility and roadmap to connect with every boy (and man) in your life - from now and through all the developmental stages to come!

At Boys Alive! we believe that better outcomes for boys means better outcomes for girls and those who identify outside the gender binary, too.

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