If we violate the basic nature of boys, bad outcomes will ensue…

If we meet their most basic needs, they’re likely to wind up connected to their hearts, connected to their virtue and connected to their goodness.
— Michael C. Reichert, PhD, author of How to Raise a Boy

When we recognize and understand the unique needs of boys, which may also include a search for gender identity, we are able to help them grow into confident, caring, capable adults.

We must work together to create a world where boys feel understood; where we create strong, collaborative relationships with them that endure all the phases and stages of growth; and where we can shield them from the more damaging aspects of the “Boy Code.”

When we address the alarming trends and challenges our boys are facing at home and school, we’re also addressing these issues for boys world-wide.

I offer a variety of services to support parents, teachers, care providers and youth development leaders in the important and crucial work of raising a strong, confident, and caring new generation.


Professional Development + Talks + Classes (in-person & on-line)

I am eager to share my 20+ years of experience with a depth of knowledge on a variety of topics with your audience.

I provide keynotes, professional development seminars, and conference breakout sessions for educators and youth leaders, as well as engaging talks for parents.

As a dynamic speaker, I love to engage my audience with wisdom, warmth and humor. I masterfully design each talk to inform and inspire your audience according to their specific interests and issues.

I love learning from Janet! Her knowledge is so solid that she can easily adjust to the needs of her audience. Her skill in presenting allows audiences to relax, enjoy their learning, and feel confident that they’ll be able to easily apply what they’ve learned.
— Carole Sarles Downing, Author, Master Coach, and Group Facilitator

Interviews + Media

I am the weekly, on-air parenting expert for FM News 101 KXL in Portland, Oregon.

As a regular podcast guest worldwide, I am available for media interviews on parenting topics, family and gender issues, and making schools and family life more boy-friendly.

It is my pleasure to be the co-host of ON BOYS Parenting Podcast: Real Talk About Parenting, Teaching and Reaching Tomorrow's Men.

Janet Allison has been a part of “Portland’s Morning News” for more than three years, and we love having her. During her weekly segment, she covers topics and many issues that affect our kids, including screen time, suicide prevention, and homework. She shares her own experiences and pulls in knowledge from parents and other experts. She’s not just a great source of information; she’s a wonderful person, too.
— Rebecca Marshall, Anchor and News Director, “Portland’s Morning News,” FM News 101 KXL

Family Coaching + Group Coaching Community

You need an ally.

Your family needs a champion.

Family Coaching does not involve a whistle and calisthenics. It DOES involve your full participation in implementing the changes you desire to make so you can have the family you deserve. I am here to help you restore confidence in your parenting and peace in your home.

Coaching is designed to fit your schedule and your needs. It begins with recognizing and amplifying what’s already going well, which can often be overlooked!

Add to that an expanding knowledge of child development and boy-specific ‘what’s normal’ development, as you build your skills with collaborative strategies so that everyone in your family benefits from better communication.

You are building deep, long-lasting connections that will continue to grow and flourish over your lifetime.

I offer a variety of Coaching programs and will help you determine which one is the best fit for you and your family:

Breakthrough Session: Super-focused 50-minute session to uncover the biggest challenges you’re having and get clarity on the relationship you want - and deserve to have - with your son.

1-month (4) Sessions: In four sessions, get relief from one Core Issue with the strategies that apply to your unique challenge with support to practice and implement with confidence.

6-Month Program: Experience a new level of clarity and confidence. You’ll uncover your triggers, determine your family values, and experience consistent, long-lasting changes as you become the parent you want and deserve to be. Includes journaling and strategic exercises, with your own unique action plan.

Group Coaching Community: Join a powerful circle of support for your parenting journey. Coming soon.

Begin by scheduling a Breakthrough Session here.

I am so excited to get started and already feel some things opening up and some relief knowing that I will be receiving your coaching.
— Dr. Irene Hage, Copenhagen, Denmark

Online Resources

Here is immediate access to my wealth of experience. As an educator, parent, and expert on boy-centric development, I strive to provide a variety of resources for you —when you need it, where you need it, and how you need it.


Complimentary Access

  • Boys Alive! Blog: Get in-depth insights on parenthood, education, child development, life, and the hardwired nature of boys.

  • ON BOYS Podcast: Join me and my co-host, Jennifer L. W. Fink, mom of four boys, as they explore and explain boy behavior with each other, and with prominent authors and thought leaders.

  • Online Community: Join the private Facebook group where you’re invited to share, celebrate, ask questions, discuss, and offer your support to other parents of boys. Request to join here. 

  • Book Recommendations: The number of books out there is overwhelming! These are my time-tested, handpicked favorites. I’ve read them, written in them, and trust them.

Online Webinars & Classes

  • Learning Labs: These in-depth, live, interactive classes focus on a single topic. They are designed to give you a little theory and a lot of practical take-aways and action strategies.

  • Webinars: These are invaluable learning opportunities to hone your skills in parenting, relationships, and understanding your son. Increase your learning with the companion e-book.

  • Untangle Your Parenting: This six-week course includes online meetings so you learn in real time and build community with your fellow students. You’ll receive modules with readings and exercises to increase your learning. Connect with me via email as needed during the class. Includes lifetime access to all materials and recordings.

The Solutions Center


With a monthly subscription to The Solutions Center, you’ll have unlimited access to:

  • Monthly private livestream for members only with me.

  • Micro-Courses: Short courses on popular topics including screens, siblings, and chores. Each course includes video, checklists, exercises, and step-by-step action plans.

  • BOY TALK Expert Interviews and Toolkits: Audio interviews with worldwide parenting experts sharing conversation and advice. A pdf Tool Kit gives you additional resources and ideas for implementation.

  • Video quick tips, downloadable PDFs and more resources added often.


Janet Allison is the wealth of knowledge and well of kindness behind the coaching and consulting that is Boys Alive! Janet takes a stand for our boys and men. She supports all of us in learning to understand boys better and offers the specific skills and techniques needed to do that.
— Irie Page, Coalition for Consent Education, Portland, Oregon