Strong women stand together when things are rough, hold each other up when they need support, and laugh together when there’s no reason to.
— Anonymous

what is the boys alive! coaching community ?


As humans, we are designed to survive and thrive on connections with each other. It’s a matter of survival. We are strengthened when we come together to share our stories.

Yet, we spend much of our time parenting in isolation.

Wondering what’s normal for our kids.

Wondering if we’re going crazy with too much worry, too much exhaustion - and not enough support.

It is time to step out of the isolation of parenting and into the love and strength of community.  

When we come together in community, we acknowledge and feel the sacred task we’ve been given—to guide the next generation of children as they grow into capable, caring adults. Together, we tap into the wisdom of the group—the hardships and heartaches—and we support and uplift each other in a way that we simply can’t do alone.

You’ll learn more about parenting your son - while sharing successes and epic fails (we all have them). You’ll realize that those fails are NOT the end of the world and that the successes actually show up more often than you realize!

Many parents tell me that the most valuable and cherished part of taking a parenting class with me is the connections that flourish in the group.

When you realize that you aren’t alone - that others have been there before you and are happy to share what they’ve learned - you feel supported and strengthened.

And because, like most mamas, you are likely a giver - sharing YOUR hard-won wisdom with others comes naturally - and gives you a chance to ‘pay it forward.’

When the circle is complete—everyone in the community thrives—and together we grow stronger - and that means our kids grow stronger, too!


During each online, interactive session, Janet skillfully guides you to:

  • Experience and relax into the support of the group  

  • Learn more about parenting and implementing the specific strategies you need right now

  • Understand and appreciate the unique brilliance of your boy—especially if it feels difficult to see that right now

  • Ways to strengthen your bond with him as you apply boy-friendly communication techniques—which you’ll soon realize also work with the adult males in your life

  • Guide your family to greater joy and ease of function—for everyone!


How it works:

  • We welcome new members when you are ready to join us.

  • We encourage you to make a 6-month commitment to yourself and the group. Then, stay longer, because you deserve support and we need you, always.

  • We meet twice each month for 90-minutes on Zoom (an online platform that allows us to video chat).

  • Each call is recorded for your own personal library

  • You have full email access to Janet with a 24-hour response time.

  • A Private Facebook community strengthens your connection to each other and encourages support to flow both ways


are you ready for the support you deserve?

Use this link to register and Janet will be in touch with details:

Welcome and congratulations on taking a stand for yourself and your family! Together, we are stronger.

I was skeptical and shy about the group interaction at first, but the value of talking to parents who were outside of my own community and facing similar parenting challenges was amazing. I learned so much from them. It was great to learn Janet’s methods and tools to help me keep my sons close as we navigate this incredible, and sometimes rocky, family journey.
— Lisa S. Mom of 3 boys, Houston, TX