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youth Leaders

We are pathologizing boyhood.
— Dr. Edward (Ned) Hallowell, Psychiatrist and Author

Children need role models.

They can be found in a variety of places - at camps, on sports teams, in church, and at numerous other social service organizations. Camp counselors, youth leaders, coaches, Head Start and early childhood education providers, troop leaders, care providers and volunteers all play an important part in shaping young lives in places outside of home and school.

Adults have the opportunity to provide vital support for a child’s development, while guiding them to a greater understanding of themselves, others, and the world. 

Unfortunately, many of these nurturing and necessary places have structures and expectations that mirror the school system, which we know often fails to recognize boys and their unique needs.

Studies have shown that adults often single out and discipline boys for behavior that is not bad, just inherent in their gender.

The completely normal ways that boys develop and interact with the world are often labeled as “disruptive.” When they’re constantly targeted, many boys get angry, disengage and/or drop out of these activities, and consequently miss out on important learning and enrichment opportunities.

Youth-serving organizations that implement boy-friendly programming, recognize the benefit to all participants, regardless of gender identity. These programs allow boys to thrive alongside girls.

I am committed to helping you ensure the success of boys through on-site training, keynotes and conference presentations.


Professional Development

I bring a wealth of insight and information to your conference keynotes and professional development sessions.

I am a dynamic speaker who engages my audiences with wisdom, warmth and humor. I understand the challenges youth leaders face today and share strategies that are effective and easy to implement.

I offer a wealth of knowledge and experience on a variety of topics and masterfully design each talk to address your group’s specific questions and issues.

To learn more, browse our Blog for invaluable insights on guiding and serving the boys in your care, listen to recent episodes of my ON BOYS podcast, and visit the Services page for information on courses, coaching and more.

After 13.5 years in the early childhood care industry, I have to be honest: some trainings can be monotonous. Yours was not!
— Corey O’Connor, Director and Owner, A Sunny Place Early Childhood Learning Center, Gresham, Oregon