Your coaching has made a huge difference for us. This is the result of you “calling me on my stuff”—always kindly but always making me think. As I look at my three boys and how far we’ve come, I have happy tears in my eyes and love in my heart and gratefulness for you, forever!
— Lisa S-B., Mom of 3 boys, Houston, TX

What do you want more than anything as a parent?


Most parents tell me something like: “I want to do the right thing, make good decisions, AND feel connected to my kids!”  If you can look past the chaos of today, you know that you want them to grow up to be resilient, healthy, happy—and still CONNECTED with you!

So many things stand in the way, though. No time. No money. Guilt. Figuring out what’s for dinner. Fear. Getting to school on time. Lessons. Sports. ACK!  Life can be so busy that we forget what is most important of all.


They are growing up so fast… friends, school, video games, social media, dating…so many reasons to worry.

Especially because he doesn’t seem to tell you anything about any of it! And when he does, he doesn’t say very much.


This 6-month program is specifically designed to start right where you are—and get you to where you want and deserve to be.

You are likely in some “parenting pain” right now (otherwise you wouldn’t be here)—you’ve got worries, questions, and maybe Dad does, too.


Road Map:

We start with a bonus ROAD MAP SESSION. This time is a glimpse into your childhood—how you were parented, what your memorable experiences were, your likes and dislikes. We parent how we were parented—whether we like it or not. With effort you can take the messages and lessons learned and decide what to keep and what to leave. When you get clear on your unique life stories, you can re-write them to be the ones you REALLY want to be living and parenting with.

It can be tough to look back—but you can’t make headway until you do.


What matters most:

What’s most important to you in the long run? That he grows up and still wants to confide in you? Or that you’ve kept the laundry folded and the floors clean? Get ready to implement your new story.  


amplify your confidence:

Add more tools and strategies to understand and connect with your son. Reap the benefits of a stronger bond with him when he feels heard because you’ve connected in a way that feels genuine and right to him.

After learning that boys need to be physical, a mom wrote to me, “I decided to let my sons wrestle tonight. I usually scold them for it. We’ve never had a more peaceful night!”

Learning to ADVOCATE for him is crucial, too. You’ll learn how to work with his teacher, care provider, grandparents, etc, sharing information in a positive and supportive way.


You read books, ask friends, and yet their advice and answers don’t quite seem to fit YOUR child and your particular set of circumstances. You deserve SPECIFIC ANSWERS that match your SPECIFIC QUESTIONS.

ADDED BONUS: You’ll stop yelling at your kids so much!

ANOTHER ADDED BONUS: You’ll relax and enjoy being his mom! One mom told me she didn’t realize that parenting was “supposed to be this easy!



Benefits of coaching with me:

Road Map Session:

Together, we look into your past and how you were parented, assess current issues, and formulate your specific goals for the road ahead.

Highly individualized one-on-one coaching sessions:

Not everyone begins in the same place—or has the same needs and desires. We begin where you are with 2 sessions each month via Zoom. These sessions address what’s current and keep you focused on your goals.

Strategic Exercises:

A framework of homework exercises gives consistency, fostering and supporting your changes, helping you be the best parent you can be. Consistency is the only way change becomes habit. You’ll have an action plan, the steps you need, and the ACCOUNTABILITY to make sure you are following through.

Invite your parenting partner:

To join our coaching conversations—one session or all—(s)he is welcome to join us!

Guest access:

You are invited to join all of the Boys Alive! events scheduled during your 6-month program such as the Learning Lab: Boys and Anger and other special events.

Access to Micro-Courses:

You may or may not need more support on the specific topics of Chores, Siblings, or Screen Time but if you do, these short, self-guided courses will give you time-tested strategies, checklists, and steps to implement changes in these areas right away.

Is this program for you?

This program is geared towards parents determined to make lasting changes within themselves and in the way they parent, so that their families thrive!

Are you ready?

If we haven’t spoken on the phone yet, please schedule an appointment here. 

Full program investment is $2700.

Payment plan available.


Welcome and congratulations on taking a stand for your family!

I am so excited to get started and already feel some things opening up and some relief knowing that I will be receiving some coaching.
— Dr. Irene Hage, Copenhagen, Denmark