Coming Soon: Transforming Boy Challenges

Coming Soon: Transforming Boy Challenges



Solutions for Growing Capable, Confident, Caring Men

The statistics and stories about boys and their struggles is overwhelming!

With the heightened focus on healthy masculinity, parents and teachers wonder how to raise and teach their boys to be confident, capable, and caring men.

This 51-page Ebook guides you to do just that!

Chapters include:

  • You First. Start where you are. And forgive yourself for where you’ve been.

  • Understanding What Makes Boys Tick.

  • How to Connect with Him - HIS Way

  • Your Boy and School

  • Your Boy and His BIG Emotions


  • Recommendations & Resources

Understand what makes your boys tick from why he gets so angry and then doesn’t want to talk about it to his insatiable desire for more screen time.

Have solutions and strategies at your finger-tips to motivate and advocate for him at school and at home.

Raising confident, capable, caring men is a big job and you can’t do it alone - this e-book will transform the way you see him and respond to him.

The larger cultural challenges that boys face are revealed and why he needs you to be his fiercest champion!


“Janet Allison is my go-to guru on everything boys. Her latest e-book is chocked full of great information on how to raise my boy into a man - and enjoy it! I loved the "Practical Strategies Checklist" helped me to incorporate more growth opportunities for my son.” G’anna Burke, EFT Practitioner and Mom of 10-year old boy.

FROM a BOY, upon seeing his Mom reading the E-book:

“Mom you don't need a WHOLE 60-page book to understand boys, we aren't THAT complicated!"

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